Enduring the private label hair industry in these days is competitive.  For this reason, brand owners need to evolve and develop new ways to stay on top of the game.  With the growing need of consumers’ hair damage, brand owners need to promote hair health treatments in-salon and at-home.

Defense Progression

The consumers desire for products that protect whether it’s against frequent hair coloring, environment or appliances will prevail when choosing which product to buy.  Therefore, brands needs to feature quality and durability of the product.  In addition, focus on providing proof of claims on advertising and marketing campaigns.


Along with the importance of products that protect, Primers are making a strong comeback.  With its several benefits, the Primers foundation supports the Defense Progression.   Primers protect the hair from environmental stressors or appliances, while it conditions and help styles last longer. 


Secondly, the popularity of free-from” claims will continue to have the staying power as the staple “Botanical/Herbal” claims.  So, before choosing a brand as your benchmark formula to recreate as your own, consider formulating products around what consumers are looking for.


Micellar Movement

Another notable trend is the popularity of micellar shampoos and conditioners.  Built from the popularity of micellar cleansers in skincare, private label brands must initiate on creating gentler formulations to relieve damage concerns.             


Benefiting from ACRL’s pilot-program, emerging brands or private label brand owners can now formulate opportune trending products at a fraction of the industry standard minimum order quantity.  As a result, custom formulating in-trend products are now more achievable and practical.