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Our Facility


At Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories, our chemists operate a state of the art, in-house laboratory. We have the ability to produce a broad range of products that include oils, creams, serums, gels, cleansers, masks, peels, scrubs, and more in our full service lab. Products can be filled into almost any container, including single unit doses, gallons and bulk drums. Our team of experienced chemists create innovative formulas using the newest technology, always keeping current and future regulatory compliance at the forefront of their minds. Onsite quality control and quality assurance conducts incoming raw material testing and ensures every production batch meets designated specifications.

Mixing Tanks

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with cutting edge manufacturing equipment in order to guarantee the highest quality products during both high and low volume fills. The formulas are mixed in modern stainless steel mixers capable of both hot and cold mixing processes and have multi-functional mixers, scrapers, and homogenizers. We have 16 jacketed tanks with a 350,000 gallon monthly capacity. All of our tanks are connected to our own inhouse deionized water and purification system. Every day our system is tested through a third party facility to ensure that our water is completely clean for the manufacturing process.

Filling Lines

Our lines are thoroughly equipped with semi-automatic and automatic fillers, cappers, and sealers. Our filling machines vary including tube, liquid, and powder fillers, a bag on valve filler, foil pack machine, and shrink wrap machines. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide services to help the start up company who might just be looking to get to market, with a minimum order quantity of 10,000 pieces; but also serving the more established client who is looking for a change in manufacturer or needs a facility they can feel confident in keeping up with their high volume demands.

Packaging Design

We have technologically advanced screen printing machines which include semi-automatic conventional screen printing, semi-automatic UV screen printing and fully automatic UV screen printing. We are able to silk screen or label your components.