Advanced Process

The Contract
Manufacturing Process

Simply present to us your idea for a product and we will take it from there, we provide the complete package – formulation, compounding, filling, and packaging. Our team can bring new products and existing products to market with full transparency from development to production.

These are the steps involved in making products at Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories:



Interview: Your Sales Manager will conduct a detailed interview to determine what you are looking for.

Research & Development: Our team of tenured chemists will create a formula that fits all of your products wants and needs.

Samples: You will receive samples and can make modifications, here you have the ability to make final changes to viscosity, color, fragrance, etc..

Packaging: You can either provide your own packaging or ACRL can supply and source out for you.



Minimums: Our machinery is equipped to scale up to meet whatever demands your target audience has with minimums starting at 10,000 pieces.

Manufacture: Once all of your components arrive we can begin the manufacturing process from batch processing, filling, capping, and printing/labeling.

Made in the USA: All of our products are made in the USA at our headquarters located in Chatsworth, CA.


Safely Pack & Ship

Highest Standards: Once production is complete, our Quality Control department checks each product to be sure it meets our highest standards. Once our quality team has checked it out, we will safely pack up your products in your boxes of choice.

Whether you are contacting us for support on a current project or you would like to begin a new one, our team is ready to assist you. We’ll be here for you throughout the entire process.

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