We are a Contract Manufacturing and Product Development Organization

What we do

Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories set out to disrupt some basic tenets in the Contract Manufacturing industry by tailoring their capabilities to three of the most challenging sectors within the personal care landscape by providing a full suite of services in these sectors:

Cosmetics: We work for boutique brands in the middle of their growth path and in need of services that go beyond the artisanal approach used by independent startup companies and into the world of full regulatory compliance and full process integration. We develop formulas and produce finished products in professional skin care, prestige brands and hair care.

OTC: We work for brands in the OTC sector that require our expertise to innovate, develop and manufacture medicated products like acne care, anti-perspirants, solar protection, dandruff and all other active ingredient over the counter formulas

Together with our team of Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Microbiologists, Lab Technicians, and Packaging specialists, we can improve existing products and are open to collaborative work with your team to bring new ideas to life.

Our Commitment to you and your ideas

At Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories, we obsess about the value of our customers and demonstrate it in the quality of our work. Our R&D Applications Lab is staffed with tenured formulators, microbiologists, and regulatory compliance experts.  We express your ideas, contribute our knowledge and support your brand’s promise. We are meticulous about every design brief, shared development project and intellectual property protection. Our project validation and business potential vetting interview are transparent, and partnership inspired, and we are serious about making sure that each relationship is balanced to grow as a win-win proposition.

Our History and Team

Advanced Cosmetic Research Labs is owned and operated by expert cosmetic industry women since 1976. The last seven years catapulted us from a private label manufacturer to today’s position under the leadership of a woman CEO with a proven track record as the chief scientist behind some of the most successful brands across all marketing channels. We made a deliberate choice to stay in the mid-volume market and grow our reputation before we expand our footprint.

Our President and Chair, Kitty Hunter. built the company on the belief that being intentional about our expansion plans meant that we had to be more efficient, quicker, smarter and of course better than our bigger competitors. In the last 40 years, Kitty has put together a team of hardworking leaders that delight in exceeding our clients’ service expectations, uphold ethical and regulatory guidelines and delight in creating phenomenal products.

Teamwork is what makes the difference at Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories. The collaboration between our team and yours in all stages of development t and is the backbone to our success. We want to gain your trust and loyalty. Make the right choice by selecting a strategic supplier partnership that will work as an extension of your growth driven team.

Products developed for brands that touches the lives of all people that want to look their best, feel their best and care for their bodies in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Products under the protection of scientists, engineers, production, and project management experts.