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Full Service Contract Manufacturing

What we do

With over four decades of professional Contract Manufacturing and product development services, Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories has a passion to recreate the Personal Care and OTC industry. Together with our team of Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Microbiologists, Lab Technicians, and Packaging specialists, we not only improve existing products, but as a team we bring all ideas to life. 

To build a credible reputation in the Contract Manufacturing Industry takes constant adaptation, innovation, continuing process improvement, and a team of experts to put it all together. At Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories we have mastered this process with our in-house turnkey experience of formulation and manufacturing of OTC, Skin Care, Hair Care, Pet Care, and Personal Care Products. We are the one stop solution for our customers.

Our Commitment to Improvement and Innovation

At Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories we pride ourselves in the quality of our products.With our onsite Research and Development teams, Microbiologists, and Regulatory experts we will be an extension to your manufacturing operations. We will be sure to bring your products to market quicker, better, and more cost effectively. At Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories  we deliver new ideas and insights to our customers, while staying ahead of the changing demands in manufacturing. Our talented team of chemists are passionate about what they do in creating unique formulations and innovative solutions that address consumer needs and reflect industry trends. 

Our History and Team

Advanced Cosmetic Research Labs is family owned and women operated since 1976. While we have grown much bigger now than what we were 40 years ago, at our core we are a small company that specializes in manufacturing personal care products. 

Starting from a humble beginning, President of Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories , Kitty Hunter built the company on the belief that being smaller always meant that we had to be braver, faster, smarter and of course better than our bigger competition. In the last 40 years, Kitty Hunter has put together a team of hardworking professionals who not only value exceeding our clients expectations but also value creating phenomenal products that help to enhance the lives of those who use them. 

Teamwork is what makes the difference in our process at Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories . The collaboration and cohesiveness of our employees is the backbone to our success. Each member of our team completes your goals and are committed to work together in order to create a sustainable and smooth development.

President of ACRL,
Kitty Hunter &
daughter Breslin Juan

Women-owned and
operated since 1986